Fukushima Travel Guide

Google Fukushima and you’ll see images from the nuclear disaster and very little else. Determined to visit the capital and see the city for myself, I found planning a little difficult. Fukushima is such a large and beautiful prefecture that most places recommended are outside of the capital; mostly mountains and onsen towns. Undeterred, I purchased my train ticket and was pleased to discover a wonderful city; full of kind and generous residents, most of whom were curious as to why I chose to visit. As a prefecture still recovering from the aftermath of the Great East Japan earthquake, they need visitors more than ever and I found an impressive community of people working together to promote the region. Here are my favorites from a day spent wandering. Sakamoto Coffee My first stop was Sakamoto Coffee, a cute coffee shop just south of the station. Over my iced latte, I chatted with the kind owner Yamaoka Tsuguya, who generously gave me some lovely omiyage. He makes a delicious pour over and has a great selection of publications for coffee lovers, including the beautiful Standart magazine. Sakamoto Coffee, 〒960-8061 福島市五月町 1-12 メゾン高徳 Cafeteria Hitoto (食堂ヒトト) Lunch was a magical combination; a minimal Japanese interior, warm … Continue reading Fukushima Travel Guide