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15 Best Tokyo AirBNBs

best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-01Last year was a busy year of settling into Tokyo with lots of wonderful visitors joining us along the way. In fact, with our new proximity to Australia we’ve had more visitors than we ever dreamed of; which has meant not everyone has been able to stay with us! I’m often asked for accommodation suggestions in Tokyo and while I love a good hotel, I always prefer the unique experience of AirBNB.

AirBNB is an opportunity to live more independently and go exploring like a local; often in neighborhoods you wouldn’t normally visit. I love peeking at interiors and gathering inspiration for our home, so after hours of browsing, here are my 15 Best Tokyo AirBNBs. I can’t vouch for these places as I haven’t stayed in them myself, but they do have impressive ratings; so if I were visiting these would be my picks!

best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-2 best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-31. STUDIO APARTMENT IN MEGURO

A charming and creative apartment full of lovely sunshine. Light and bright with books and art. It’s located in a quiet neighborhood, only a short walk to the Daikanyama area. Extra bonus points for including the adorable puppy in the photos, his name is Billy! US$124 per night. View listing

best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-04 best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-052. APARTMENT IN IKEBUKURO

Traditional Japanese style apartment with futons for sleeping. Pack these away and you’ll have space for tea ceremony too. Beautiful screen doors, indoor greenery and a mingei or folk art aesthetic. Pretty sure we have that exact kitchen installed in our house! US$86 per night. View listing

best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-06 best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-073. STUDIO APARTMENT IN IKEBUKURO

Night at the Museum! Well, nearly. Run by the Bed & Art Project, this is an art project space where you’ll spend the evening literally surrounded in contemporary art. Designed by a local team of architects and creatives, art and goods in the room can even be purchased! US$86 per night. View listing

best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-08 best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-094. CARAVAN IN OMOTESANDO

This is the one space I’ve actually seen in real life because it’s located in the wonderful Commune 246 complex where Karan sometimes works. It includes food vendors, a gallery and shared work space. Entirely built in Japan, this unique caravan is cute and compact. So cool! US$155 per night. View listing

best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-10 best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-115. STUDIO APARTMENT IN TSUKIJI

Love this open floor plan, which is rather different to the Tokyo norm. Light and bright, with adorable low level dining and a nice big bathtub. It’s located in the Tsukiji area right by the fish markets, a wonderful spot for a sushi and beer breakfast. US$94 per night. View listing

best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-12 best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-136. LOFT APARTMENT IN SHIBUYA

Clean and modern monochrome dreams. Nice large balcony for soaking up the incredible views and a loft space for sleeping. Kitchen and bathroom are well equipped with every appliance you could need. Located right by the beautiful Yoyogi Park. US$155 per night. View listing

best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-14 best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-157. HAMMOCK IN NAGASAKI

This communal space allows you to sleep in a hammock at a bargain price! The owner runs a cafe and bar on the first floor, with this space on the second floor. Love the mid century furniture paired with the exposed concrete walls. Note: there is no bathroom, so use the public bath nearby! US$21 per night. View listing

best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-016best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-178. APARTMENT IN SENDAGAYA

I wish I could live here! Contemporary and simple, it feels like a hotel room. There are three balconies, an incredible bath and coffee machine too. Love the interiors, especially the Eames chairs and loads of plants with the (mostly) monochrome palette. My dream home! US$185 per night. View listing

best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-18 best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-199. APARTMENT IN SANGENJAYA

This apartment is a more decorative space, with nice touches such as the industrial lamp and vibrant rug. It has loads of character and is rather large; with enough space to sleep six people. Sangenjaya is also a fun part of the city to explore! US$103 per night. View listing

best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-020 best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-02110. STUDIO APARTMENT IN SHIBUYA

Another bright and contemporary space with beautiful mid century styling and structural furniture. I love the exposed concrete walls (as always), huge windows, Edison bulbs and desk area. Only a 5 minute walk from Shibuya station, the location is hard to beat! US$128 per night. View listing

best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-022best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-2311. PRIVATE ROOM IN SHINAGAWA

The opposite of minimal, this space is packed with trinkets and was featured in a New York Times article on AirBNB in Japan. The hosts are a young family, so there’s a common floor for interacting and private rooms for guests. There’s even a bath on the rooftop for watching the sunset! US$68 per night. View listing

best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-24 best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-2512. STUDIO APARTMENT IN SHIMOKITAZAWA

Something about this space has always held my interest. It’s calm, simple and feels perfectly peaceful. It looks just like a Muji store! It’s located in Shimokitazawa, one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city. The area is full of wonderful secondhand stores and cute cafes. US$68 per night. View listing

best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-26 best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-2713. CAPSULE APARTMENT IN GINZA

The Nakagin Capsule Tower is a key architectural site in Tokyo. Famously built out of a series of stacked capsules, the building is a local icon. It’s rumored the building won’t be around forever, so experience the convertible rooms and porthole windows while you still can! US$685 per night. View listing

best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-28 best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-2914. PRIVATE ROOM IN KYODO

This one is close to my heart because a) it’s an incredible piece of architecture and b) it’s in my beloved neighborhood of Kyodo. The hosts are a creative family and they ask you to treat their home as though you are staying at a friends house! A beautiful space in a local neighborhood. US$86 per night. View listing

best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-30 best-tokyo-airbnbs-someform-3115. APARTMENT IN GINZA

And last but not least, a space I’ve kept in my bookmarks for years now! The first floor is a kitchen and exhibition space, with bedroom and bathroom on the floor above. An incredible interior in the heart of a shopping district. US$299 per night. View listing

While these are just my favorites, you can find even more options in my wishlist! If you’re new to AirBNB, use this link to get $20 off your first booking. Have a wonderful stay!

All images via AirBNB. Prices accurate at time of posting.

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