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Fujigaoka M by Sinato

someform-fujigaoka-m-sinato-tokyo-japan-01 someform-fujigaoka-m-sinato-tokyo-japan-02 someform-fujigaoka-m-sinato-tokyo-japan-03 someform-fujigaoka-m-sinato-tokyo-japan-04 someform-fujigaoka-m-sinato-tokyo-japan-05 someform-fujigaoka-m-sinato-tokyo-japan-06 someform-fujigaoka-m-sinato-tokyo-japan-07 someform-fujigaoka-m-sinato-tokyo-japan-08 someform-fujigaoka-m-sinato-tokyo-japan-09Hello new dream home! Located in Yokohama, this apartment was designed by architecture firm Sinato. The central wall cleverly creates two bedrooms and incorporates shelves and storage in a space that is only 64 square meters. I love the exposed timber and concrete, truly open floor plan and well, everything.

Photographs by Toshiyuki Yano via ArchDaily

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