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  • Apt: Tokyo, Our Homes

    The Living Room

    Things are coming together at home. The style of our apartment lends itself to a simpler Japanese aesthetic so we’re going with natural colors, light timber and low furniture. Our living room…

  • Apt: Tokyo, Our Homes

    Tokyo Floor Plan

    Here’s a floor plan of our Tokyo home! Our apartment is a typical Japanese layout, consisting of many rooms that can be opened and closed to control the temperature. Spaces here are measured in tatami…

  • Apt: Tokyo, Our Homes

    Birthday Weekend

    Last night we had a little party to celebrate my birthday this week. It’s the first time we’ve had so many people over to our apartment and it was amusing to see…

  • Apt: New York, Our Homes

    New York Floor Plan

    Better late than never! This is a floor plan of our previous apartment that I created for an article on Design Sponge. While it was a compact space at 450 square feet…

  • Apt: Tokyo, Recipes

    Christmas Rumballs

    For the holiday season and I wanted to make something a little special to share with our friends and colleagues. One of my favorite treats is these chocolate coconut balls which always…

  • Apt: New York, Our Homes

    Evening Light

    The days are getting shorter in New York and it’s hard to believe that winter will be here before we even know it. Here’s some pretty flowers at home; from a brighter…

  • Apt: New York, Our Homes

    Bedroom Progress

    I’m in a constant state of flux when it comes to color. While I have a frightening love of monochrome, sometimes I dream of living in a technicolor home. So I was…

  • Ashleigh Leech Someform Flowers Coffee Table
    Apt: New York, Our Homes

    Bodega Flowers

    Buying flowers in Australia can be exorbitantly expensive, a treat often reserved for birthdays and special occasions. In New York I was pleased to discover delis (or bodegas) sell them at a…

  • Ashleigh Leech Someform Bedroom Black
    Apt: New York, Our Homes

    The Bedroom is Black

    While Karan was away in Rio for work, I secretly painted our bedroom wall black – something I’ve been dying to do for ages. Since my friends thought I was crazy, I figured if it…