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Our New York Apartment

ashleigh-leech-someform-nyc-apartment-01 ashleigh-leech-someform-nyc-apartment-02 ashleigh-leech-someform-nyc-apartment-03 ashleigh-leech-someform-nyc-apartment-04 ashleigh-leech-someform-nyc-apartment-05ashleigh-leech-someform-nyc-apartment-06ashleigh-leech-someform-nyc-apartment-07ashleigh-leech-someform-nyc-apartment-08ashleigh-leech-someform-nyc-apartment-09ashleigh-leech-someform-nyc-apartment-10ashleigh-leech-someform-nyc-apartment-11ashleigh-leech-someform-nyc-apartment-12ashleigh-leech-someform-nyc-apartment-13Last year we bid farewell to New York, our home and city of four years, in the pursuit of new adventures! With a looming move out date, I finally took the time to photograph our apartment before shipping two boxes of our most beloved possessions and selling everything else we owned on Craigslist.

Our building in Soho was originally built in 1900 and is full of character. I love imagining all the different people that must have lived in the space over the years. I even wonder who is living there now. Our apartment was on the top floor and full of beautiful light, with ancient radiators and painted brick walls. It was a place where we laughed, cried and ordered embarrassing amounts of Seamless.

After leaving New York, it was therefore both surreal and bittersweet to see the home we’d just left featured on Design Sponge. A dream come true! Looking back, I’m proud of the home we created. We made it ours. It reflected us and our style, making the decision to leave that much harder. And while I’m sad it’s no longer ours, I couldn’t be happier that we’re doing it all over again in Tokyo. Our apartment is slowly taking shape and we’re enjoying the ride.

Special thanks to Sabrina for writing such a lovely article about us!

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