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    Mani Mani City Guides

    With a few domestic trips coming up in Japan, I decided to check out the local guidebook offering and discovered this cute new series called Mani Mani. Published by JTB (Japan Tourist Bureau)…

  • Beauty, Life, Minimalism

    My Minimal Wardrobe

    I don’t own so many clothes these days. In fact, this is more or less the contents of my closet! And while it feels strange to be sharing something as personal as my wardrobe,…

  • Books, Life

    Recent Reads No. 2

    WE NEED NEW NAMES – NOVIOLET BULAWAYO This dazzling coming of age story follows Darling, from life as a ten-year old in a Zimbabwe shantytown called Paradise stealing guavas with her friends;…

  • Books, Life

    Recent Reads No. 1

    As a child I spent hours in the school library, pouring over the shelves. I went on to accumulate hundreds of books over the years, before finally realizing how impractical it all was. While living…

  • Beauty, Life

    A Tokyo Manicure

    I see all kinds of incredible manicures each time I take the subway in Tokyo. Nail art is on another level here; with metallics, jewels and embellishments galore. While Sinia was visiting she wanted to…

  • Beauty, Life

    Uka Nail Oil

    One my new favorite things! This incredible nail oil was a birthday surprise from my dear friend Ryunosuke. Over the years my poor nails have suffered and this oil completely transforms my hands.…

  • Beauty, Life

    My Aesop Favorites

    I’m not big on beauty or skincare, but I have written before about how much I love Australian brand Aesop. With lovely packaging, incredible fragrances and downright awesome products, they’re the one brand that…

  • Apt: Tokyo, Recipes

    Christmas Rumballs

    For the holiday season and I wanted to make something a little special to share with our friends and colleagues. One of my favorite treats is these chocolate coconut balls which always…