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    Kristina Krogh

    I’ve been a long time admirer of Copenhagen-based graphic designer Kristina Krogh. Her first range of art prints combined various textures (think marble, cork and timber) in geometric formations and I love…

  • Inspiration, Products

    Sinnerlig by Ilse Crawford

    This is the Sinnerlig collection by London based designer Ilse Crawford for Ikea. It arrived a little late to stores here in Japan, but after finally getting to see it in person, I like it!…

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    Kmart Finds

    In the last few years Kmart in Australia has refreshed both their brand and product range too. I can’t help but imagine it has something to do with the popularity of home renovation…

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    Magic Carpets

    Some favorites from our hunt for the living room! It’s impossible to decide with so many factors to consider; the style, the scale, the color, the texture, the size. There are so many colorful and…

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    Oyyo Rugs

    During our search for a living room rug, I stumbled on these ones by Swedish brand Oyyo. Thanks to this beautiful campaign imagery, I remember when they were first launched years ago by Lina Zedig…

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    Lagerhaus Wish List

    I’ve mentioned before how much I love Lagerhaus. For affordable bits and bobs, it’s one of my favorite little stores in Sweden. My current picks include geometric shapes, metallic finishes and hints of pale pink and dark…

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    Lagerhaus Love

    Living in Sweden, I loved the incredible sense of design that could be found everywhere. I would spend hours browsing in all the stores, imagining all the beautiful things I’d buy if my…

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    Eames Hang It All

    One of the most iconic pieces of mid-century design is the Hang-It-All designed by Ray and Charles Eames in 1953. Intended to be used by children the idea was that the playful colors…

  • Ashleigh Leech Someform Olle Eksell Cocoa Eyes
    Inspiration, Products

    Olle Eksell Cocoa Eyes

    Thanks to my dear friend Sofia and the Swedish postal service, I’ve finally got one of these posters in my hot little hands. In 1888 the Malmö Chocolate and Confectionary Factory was started by Emil Nissen and…

  • Ashleigh Leech Someform Ikea Hack Lato B
    Inspiration, Products

    Lato B

    It’s hard to believe but these incredible creations are Ikea hacks – created by Elia Maurizi and Francesco Pepa who work together under the studio name Teste di Legno. Their most recent project…

  • Ashleigh Leech Someform Ikea Products
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    Ikea Love

    While I know a lot of people don’t – I simply love Ikea. Having lived in Sweden, I appreciate that you can buy so many well designed things at such reasonable prices. Things that…

  • Ashleigh Leech Someform Wallpaper Inspiration
    Inspiration, Products

    Thinking About Wallpaper

    When I was younger, I remember spending hours helping my family scrape geometric wallpaper off my grandparents walls with a credit card. It was a long and tedious group effort that removed…

  • Ashleigh Leech Someform Kirath Ghundoo Wallpaper
    Inspiration, Products

    Kirath Ghundoo

    I’ve been researching wallpaper lately and during my travels stumbled across the incredible work of surface designer Kirath Ghundoo. I instantly fell in love with her bold geometric prints and their mismatched nature. These images…

  • Ashleigh Leech Someform Andy Warhol Poster
    Inspiration, Products

    Andy Warhol Posters

    I noticed these Andy Warhol posters appearing in nearly every monochromatic Scandinavian interior I was drawn to. After a little research I discovered these posters even had an incredible story. They were created…