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Apt: Tokyo

  • Apt: Tokyo, Our Homes

    The Living Room

    Things are coming together at home. The style of our apartment lends itself to a simpler Japanese aesthetic so we’re going with natural colors, light timber and low furniture. Our living room…

  • Apt: Tokyo, Our Homes

    Tokyo Floor Plan

    Here’s a floor plan of our Tokyo home! Our apartment is a typical Japanese layout, consisting of many rooms that can be opened and closed to control the temperature. Spaces here are measured in tatami…

  • Apt: Tokyo, Our Homes

    Birthday Weekend

    Last night we had a little party to celebrate my birthday this week. It’s the first time we’ve had so many people over to our apartment and it was amusing to see…

  • Apt: Tokyo, Recipes

    Christmas Rumballs

    For the holiday season and I wanted to make something a little special to share with our friends and colleagues. One of my favorite treats is these chocolate coconut balls which always…