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Something More, Fitzroy

ashleigh-leech-someform-something-more-melbourne-australia-01Each time we visit Melbourne, every meal is precious and we’re overwhelmed by the staggering number of new cafes and restaurants to explore. I love to spend hours researching these new places, only to find we usually end up wandering (a little clueless) for new discoveries instead. This is precisely how we ended up at Something More, whose pale pink exterior caught my eye from a block away. Entering, we didn’t even know what cuisine was on offer, but our hunger wasn’t going to let that stop us.

ashleigh-leech-someform-something-more-melbourne-australia-02We were pleased to find it’s Asian and Korean-inspired with dishes full of chili and kimchi. We ordered the Shanghai Ball Sports (crunchy slow-roasted brisket balls, green chili and citrus slaw) and Ms Kims Euro Trip (crispy kimchi and pork waffle, topped with a pickled cucumber, spring onion salad and blue cheese mayo). Piled high, both dishes were incredibly tasty with surprising textures and strong flavors. The warehouse space is large and welcoming, filled with greenery and a regular rotation of featured art.

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