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The Bedroom is Black

Ashleigh Leech Someform Bedroom Black Ashleigh Leech Someform Bedroom Black Ashleigh Leech Someform Bedroom Black Ashleigh Leech Someform Bedroom Black Ashleigh Leech Someform Bedroom Black
While Karan was away in Rio for work, I secretly painted our bedroom wall black – something I’ve been dying to do for ages. Since my friends thought I was crazy, I figured if it was a disaster, I could always paint it back in time and no one would ever know. Figuring I had nothing to lose – I became a painting professional here.

1. Prepping

I started with my painting essentials, using my scraper to get rid of any bumps. I filled any holes in the walls with lightweight spackle using a putty knife. This stuff is the shit. It was so satisfying filling in all those little gaps with magical foam. I sanded with a fine sanding block, cleaned the walls down with soapy water and carefully set up my plastic drop sheet as I’m incredibly accident prone.

2. Cutting in

Tinted primer means less top coats, so I had my friends at Ace add some black to mine and stirred it well before starting. I decided to go freehand (forget painters tape) and began cutting in with my trim brush at the floor level. Despite taking it slow, I soon learnt my hand wasn’t as steady as I’d dreamt and that corners are pretty much impossible – a perfectionists nightmare. I found keeping a damp sponge and cotton buds nearby were handy for keeping everything inside the lines.

3. Filling in

I used a plastic bag over my paint tray, which when removed later meant zero clean up. Using my roller I filled in the primer, stood back and panicked. This shade of grey was certainly not my vision. The stubborn part of my brain told me to keep going, so I followed with two coats of Benjamin Moore’s Aura matte in ‘Soot’ as planned. I discovered a deep black with a hint of navy that made everything perfect in the world again.

4. Finishing

An Ikea ferry trip (and some meatballs) later, I found some fresh white linen for contrast, a new throw and some cushions for the bed leaving our tiny room feeling entirely refreshed. I already want to spend more time in here and the space actually feels larger! There’s more plans ahead for the bedroom but for now all I can think is, what else I can paint black?

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  • Reply Marion August 24, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    Nice work, Ash ! That’s a bold color, but the result is gorgeous !

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