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The Sweetlanders

someform-the-sweetlanders-rv-tiny-house-usa-01I’m always in awe of those who experiment with different ways of living. Growing up in rural Australia we always had plenty of space, which probably explains my fascination with tiny homes like this, this, this, this and this. Our homes of the past few years have been modest, but spacious enough for just the two of us. So when I discovered an entire community of Americans building their own tiny homes on trailers, I loved that they were challenging the definition of home and exploring both physical and financial freedom. Intrigued I watched Tiny House Nation, a show that follows folks as they build and renovate tiny spaces of their own.

someform-the-sweetlanders-rv-tiny-house-usa-02A brilliant example of living on the move is the Sweetlanders, a family of three who’ve been exploring the roads of America for nearly a year now. Totally converting their recreation vehicle, they’ve created a light, bright and functional space. An impressive exercise in both minimalism and lifestyle, I love following their renovations, learnings and travels on Instagram. Not only are they doing this as a family, they’ve also impressively found ways to stop off and live in places like New York. Their inspiring story has totally challenged my perception of life on the road and I look forward to seeing where they end up next!

someform-the-sweetlanders-rv-tiny-house-usa-03 someform-the-sweetlanders-rv-tiny-house-usa-04 someform-the-sweetlanders-rv-tiny-house-usa-05 someform-the-sweetlanders-rv-tiny-house-usa-06 someform-the-sweetlanders-rv-tiny-house-usa-07 someform-the-sweetlanders-rv-tiny-house-usa-08 someform-the-sweetlanders-rv-tiny-house-usa-09 someform-the-sweetlanders-rv-tiny-house-usa-10 someform-the-sweetlanders-rv-tiny-house-usa-11Photographs via The Sweetlanders

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